Questions and Answers by John

Started a few videos on skin tightening.  So many people dont even understand the fact that non surgical skin tightening is not new.  It actually began over 15 years ago.  People are just beginning to hear about these non surgical options mostly because of Coolsculpting.  They have a 50 million dollar budget direct to consumer.  That has never been done before.  Normally these technologies are demonstrated to the top doctors who decide which ones to offer their patients.  That is why prior to now.  You only heard whispers of people like Gwyneth Paltrow or Demi Moore discussing that they do indeed do Thermage.  Or Madonna talking about acoustic wave for her cellulite.  Ironically although Coolsculpting is generating a million searches a month on Google, it actually does absolutely nothing for loose skin except for CREATE more loose skin.  It merely freezes fat cells, which eventually ( a few months later die) Then absorb or are excreted.  So there are a number of concerns like the possibility that healthy cells are destroyed.  Perhaps even nerve cells.  You have to wonder why some people are complaining about pain months after their procedure.  What I wanted to introduce here is a few videos on skin tightening.  They are about 3 minutes each and are meant to explain the beginning of skin tightening for those interested in how this all started and how it actually works.  So the first one is above here – 3 minutes on Skin Tightening