Everyone is talking about Emsculpt. This is the most successful introduction of a new machine I have seen in the 11 years I have been in the aesthetic business. They claim they have sold 1000 machines. Its actually funny; we did the original US research on acoustic wave for cellulite, Madonna even bought her own machine, and its fabulous, but no one talks about that.

We have been successfully dramatically reducing and even eliminating stretch marks with Carboxytherapy, yet most people still go for a completely ineffective laser treatments. I think the reason Emsculpt is so popular is because its a two for one treatment, you get more muscle and you lose fat.

I also think its not really a cosmetic treatment. It was FDA approved to make muscles. BTL industries actually makes a lot of physical therapy equipment. Is a six pack or a butt lift more attractive ? Of course it is, but if you have more than 25% body fat when you start you are not going to make the ideal before and after picture. You will notice the results and feel better as if you had gone to the gym and done hundreds of situps every day for months. Its the holy grail we all dreamed about, getting results without exercising.

So back to the comparison. Coolsculpting does nothing but freeze fat. In fact the side effect of Coolsculpting if it turns out safe and successful, is more loose skin. Who wants that ?

Exilis melts fat with radio frequency like Thermage so the side effect is smoother tighter skin. Need I say more ? And of course Coolsculpting has a potential side effect of paradoxical hyperplasia. That is more fat and a hardened mass that has to be removed a year later surgically. Thermage is calibrated to the collagen layer to tighten skin but also helps a little with fat as well. I know its all confusing.

But so far we have two radio frequency good alternatives that tighten skin and melt fat. We have coolsculpting which if successful actually causes the problem of more loose skin. And as the name implies Coolsculpting freezes fat. So what is Emsculpt ? First of all the EM stands for Electro magnetic. So it uses electro magnetic energy to stimulate the muscles to “work out” In fact it can stimulate your muscles 20,000 times in 30 minutes.

Your brain cant do that because it will have a rest period. Emsculpt eliminates the refractory part of exercise by speaking directly to your muscles. In fact it even has a program that stimulates the release of lactic acid do you dont get sore. Finally you need to know this is not your $19 slendertone belt. This is a $200,000 machine that uses 2.5 Tesla energy. In fact the energy source and the screen are made by Tesla. It is so powerful we have the same caveats as when you go for an MRI. No metal no phones. This is powerful. We invite you to try a free sample mini treatment so you can decide for yourself. 212 799 1411 Our page on Emsculpt One last comment. Why is Emsculpt so popular vs Thermage Exilis Acoustic Wave and Carboxytherapy ? We have treated 1000’s of people and trust me every single one of them is happy. If they arent we hear about it and must satisfy them.

Yet virtually no one leaves reviews. No one wants to admit they do a “cosmetic” treatment. No one wants to admit they have loose skin, fat, stretch marks or god forbid, cellulite. But EVERYONE will brag that they are making muscles. We have had more sharing and posts in 2 weeks for Emsculpt then we have had in 10 years for all of our other procedures combined. Making more muscles is something that all men and women proudly proclaim

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