Melt Fat Safely in Weeks and get smoother tighter skin as a side effect

Coolsculpting has the biggest unprecedented advertising budget in the short history of medical aesthetics. However it is a procedure with still many unanswered questions. Coolsculpting admits three side effects that would require surgery. It takes longer and has the result of more loose skin vs more tighter skin when you are melting fat. Choosing to freeze vs melt fat is hard to evaluate objectively when people are exposed to the $100 million dollar advertising budget of Coolsculpting every day. Although most logical intelligent prospective patients that I speak to tell me they already looked into Coolsculpting and understand the procedure and already ruled it out as an option. It makes no sense at all to wait 2 to 4 months just to see how much loose skin you are going to get and then pay to get rid of that condition that Coolsculpting created. Honest providers explain that they will require a different treatment to deal with the loose skin created by Coolsculpting. The problem is the alternatives like Thermage, Exilis, Vanquish, Liposonix and the literally dozens of radio frequency devices that melt fat do not advertise so patients do not really know their options as they pass Coolsculpting billboards and see their TV commercials every day. The manufacturers of the fat melting devices do not need to advertise because the real top smart aesthetic doctors who do their research continue to buy their technologies. Plus top doctors do not risk patient safety for a fad that has dangerous side effects.*

written by John Aslanian Precision Aesthetics Marketing and Research
*these opinions are not reflected or endorsed by Dr Lisa Zdinak