Precision Aesthetics and the other 97 Thermage Providers in NY

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SkinThis was a follow up email for a patient who had made a quick appointment then called to reschedule. I wanted to be sure she understood the difference between Precision Aesthetics and the other 97 providers in New York and it truly was a scheduling conflict. Many others found us on the Thermage website and already knew that we are the most experienced provider and thats why they called us.

I usually talk to people for anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour and we discuss all of the other machines as well.  Many choose Exilis, another radio frequency device we were the first to introduce to New York over 5 years ago because it is half the price of thermage as well as it feels like a warm stone massage.  We use Exilis anywhere on the face and the body, like thermage.  It is less expensive ( 1/2 the price of Thermage)  no pain but 4 treatments.

We are the only Black Diamond Pinnacle Award winner in NY for Thermage for the past 8 years which you can see on the Thermage website  out of 97 others who offer Thermage in NY we are the only one

Chinese companies are selling bootleg Thermage tips. The membrane on the tip has to be the correct thickness to the micron or thousandth of an inch or too much energy or too little energy will get through causing either a burn or not enough energy to get an effective treatment.  Nor will Thermage part of  Valeant (which is so big they offered to buy Allergan for $45 billion) stand behind your treatment if they were not providing the consumables.  Yes you can get a less expensive treatment but its your face. Its one thing to ruin a $100 printer. I really cant imagine why anyone would risk their face to anyone who doesnt have at least 5 years experience and is proven to be one of the most experienced providers according to the Thermage website and has the designation to prove it. Dont take my word for it.

So it would prove who is the most experienced and that they are actually buying the safe effective consummables from Thermage and you are not getting a counterfeit treatment. Again black diamond PROVES that indeed we are the most experienced.  When it comes to the face I dont think anyone wants to take a chance with someone who hasnt done a thousand procedures and knows exactly how many pulses to deliver to each area given the face, their age the degree of laxity or fat.  Thats probably why the reviews are  mixed you even see people commenting they lost volume in their cheeks, which pretty much no one can afford to lose.
I talk to so many people that when they describe their procedure I can tell just from talking to them that indeed the Doctor they went to had no clue what they were doing.

One Doctor told the patient his machine was broken.  (Thermage always gives you a loaner the next day, so that was clearly a lie) and she further told me it never hurt.

Thermage does hurt, if you get a good strong treatment which you need in order to get great results.  So she literally never had a single effective treatment although she was paying for one every year.

Another HUGE red flag. I work there and i have only needed 2 in 10 years. So her doctor really had no clue how to deliver an effective treatment and she never had one.

She is our patient now and actually chose Exilis over Thermage.  Some do choose to treat more often then me, I can tell you I look bettter today at 62 than I did at 50 with only two treatments in the past 12 years, But you do lose collagen every year so if you want to look like Hollywood or eternally young then sure more often is an option.

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