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Dr. Zdinak Introduces Sepai European Skincare to the United States

The days of feeding your face and neglecting your body are over!  I am talking about spending hundreds of dollars a month on “sophisticated” lotions and potions that promise to lighten, brighten, and plump the fine lines right off your face with the “botanical of the month” that has a shelf-life shorter than a fluctuating hemline during fashion week.   “Is green coffee bean extract the new vitamin C of anti-oxidants?”  “Which is better, SPF15 or Helioplex?”  I get these questions all of the time.  You know what is the worst part of it all?  The titans of the cosmetic industry have us consumers so frenzied over staying current with the latest anti-aging trend that by the time that we have invested our last dollar on the newest algae isolate from Bora Bora there is nothing left for the body!  Nobody of sound mind would waste one precious drop of green sea kelp eye cream to treat the wrinkly, crepey skin above the  knee or, the “chicken-feet” skin between the breasts [oh, yes]!  I live it and hear it all day long—“I use [insert name of $$$$ product]” on my face and [Vaseline, Eucerin, Olive Oil] on my body.  Do you have anything good for this crepey skin on my elbows?”

Catherine Deneuve famously said, “a 30-year-old woman must choose between her bottom and her face.” Up until now, that was reality here in America and it really rankled me that my patients had to ration skincare products using top of the line anti-aging products on their faces and dime-store products bereft of active ingredients on their knees.  The cosmetic industries answer to the problem…put more face cream into a larger bottle, call it “for the body” and charge triple for it…seriously?!

I didn’t have a good answer to this face-versus- body problem for a decade until the summer of 2013.  I was reading French Vogue when I noticed a brief write-up of a very cool looking skin-care product from Spain called “Sepai.” I contacted the company and learned that Sepai was initially founded as a skin-care regimen for the body and that the launch in the magazine that I was reading was announcing their new products for the face.   Eurika!!  I have found a skin-care line focused on treating the body first and foremost!

Sepai is a hugely popular skin-care line founded in Spain and serving fifteen or more countries in Europe and the Far East for more than a decade.  Sepai consists of more than one hundred skin-care products and custom additives scientifically proven to impact the skin on a molecular level to combat the five structural changes that cause cellular ageing:

1.     Cellular longevity- Sepai encourages the prioritization of DNA repair for skin cells instead of discarding them and creating new copies.  As a result the life of the cells is prolonged and sustained under improved conditions.

2.     Recharge Cellular Energy- Sepai provides skin cells with ATP that encourages cell binding and helps to protect the skin from exposure to noxious or aggressive agents such as pollution.

3.     Protein Stimulation-  Sepai helps improve the quality and quantity of elastin, collagens I, III, V and VII, fibroblasts, laminin, keratin and integrin synthesis and results in the skin sustaining its regenerative capacity.

4.     Cellular Tissue Consolidation— Sepai strengthens the union of the skins layers and cellular matrix thus improving elasticity and firmness.

5.     Defense against environmental factors—Sepai protects the cellular DNA from protein oxidation, amino acid nitration, UVA and UVB radiation, pollution, and provides continuous protection against the environmental factors that cause skin ageing.

Sepai delivers bioactives that impact directly on the skin cell control centers so that they behave more like younger, fresher skin cells!”Lisa A. Zdinak, M.D.


1.     Choose your preferred base product- Fast absorbing body lotion or ultra-hydrating body cream.

2.     Customize it! -  select up to three extracts to mix into your base cream and voila!  You now have in your hands a customized treatment product designed to correct and maintain the optimum conditions for your most youthful skin.

The base products are anti-aging and reparative emulsions designed to deliver the specially designed extracts directly to the skin cell DNA while restoring the skin’s normal youthful environment with actives such as hyaluronic acid, building block amino acids and proteins, and hydrating Tahitian Monhoi oil.

The extracts are pure biotechnical and molecular concentrates designed to interact with specific functions of the skin. 

If the actives are chosen and added three at a time, up to one hundred different combinations of creams can be created!

 The extracts are as follows:

Cellulite- combats orange peel syndrome and improves circulation difficulties

Boobster- My FAVORITE! Specially indicated for the breast area to tonify and restore the ideal curve to the breast and smooth and hydrate the décolleté!

Firming- improves firmness and compactness.  For very dry skin.

Elasticity- for people over 40 years of age that experience sudden signs of flaccidity in the body and facial skin.

Slimming- combats the accumulation of fat

Lifting- provides a superficial tensor effect in the skin to smooth texture and provide tensor effects on the skin.

Volumise- redensifies and redefines volume in the face (cheeks, lips) and the body (hands, bust, buttocks).

Relax-like- reduces the contractions that cause expression wrinkles. 

Whitening- to unify skin tone and lighten blemishes

Flashed- to obtain and immediate tightening and illuminating effect.

Tan Prolong- prolongs the effect of tanning on the skin.


When your custom Sepai treatment product is used twice daily for three consecutive months the quality of skin is dramatically improved!

The scientific data are unanimous (nerd alert) Sepai is a highly respected global brand with the clinical data from multi-center clinical trials for each one of the extracts conducted both in-vitro (“in-the-glass” ) and “in vivo” (in the human body) are firmly established.  Everybody that knows me also knows that I will not consider anything less.

Bottom line, who knew that the extract from pulverized bark from the “Kigeli-Keia” tree found in Mozambique, Africa would perk-up the breasts?  The people that lived there did! The native population used to smear the mashed pulp extract onto the breasts and décolleté to improve the youthful appearance of the bosom.  Sepai has shown that the extract acts on the tiny muscle insertions of the breast tissue to contract and “perk up” the region, shall we say?

Every single extract from Sepai carries its own story and every extract is proven to be safe and effective and delivers results where you want them the most.

I am really so very excited to introduce Sepai skincare to my patients in New York City and the continental United States!   The program is a little complicated and we will help you to choose.  Give us a call today at 212-799-1411 and we will help you to acquire THE most perfectly technologically advanced skin care for the face and body in the world!


The following services are offered by
Dr. Zdinak and offer visible results when used in combination as prescribed during your consultation. Offering both surgical solutions & nonsurgical solutions.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery [surgical correction of the eyelids and eyebrows]
Non Surgical Body Shaping
Non Surgical Face Lift  
Scarless Mole Removal
BOTOX® and Natural Fillers
[Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm™, Sculptra®, Radiesse™, Artefill]
Lip Augmentation
Treatment of Dark Undereye Circles [Carboxytherapy]
Treatment of Stretch Marks & Cellulite [Carboxytherapy]
Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite
Exilis NonSurgical Fat Reduction
EuroGlowFacial Mesotherapy
Laser Hair Removal Services
Cryolift Cryotherapy Facial
Black Tie Facial Treatment
Australian Ultrasonic Facial Treatment
Lumixyl Skin-Brightening
Total Hand Rejuvenation
Torn Earlobe Repair
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Phototherapy
Pixel Laser Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing
Removal of Superficial Facial Veins and Cherry Red Spots
Superficial Chemical Peels
SilkPeel™ Diamond Microdermabrasion
PRP Dermal Blood Fillers

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