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You’ve heard about it on the television show “The Doctors.”  It’s been featured on CBS News as “Twilight For Your Face,” and written up in Marie Claire as one of “2010’s Top Ten Beauty Innovations.”  The New York Times begged me for an exclusive interview about this “vampire” filler in their “Smooth at First Bite” article [March 3, 2011] and just yesterday I filmed the PRP [platelet rich protein] blood filler procedure with Katie McGee to be aired on CBS television’s “The Couch.”  More than a year has gone by and this fascination with Dracula PRP facials doesn’t look to be dying anytime soon, so what exactly is it about this procedure that has set everyone’s blood a boil? 

The Vamp-Lift™ [as I like to call it], is a procedure where natural dermal fillers for your face (and other areas) are created for you directly from your own blood.  Talk about custom filling agents!  Yep, just so that we get this straight, you come into my office, after a quick chat and a focused physical exam you roll up your sleeve, give me two tubes of blood (just like you do when you go to the doctor for other blood tests), I spin it down in the centrifuge while you wait in the same room using the custom designed tubes for this process.  We put a little numbing cream on your face like we do for other injectable procedures.  Six minutes goes by, (“ding”- the timer on the centrifuge lets us know that your blood is ready for me to prepare), I prepare it using a technique that I will describe below, and ten minutes later you walk out of the office filled and looking amazing!  What is this Vamp-Lift™?  What is the science behind it? Can it hurt me? Who makes it? How does it work?  I’m so glad that you asked, now, I’m going to tell you all about it!

The “vampire filler” or “Dracula therapy” as it is known abroad is a whimsical way to refer to a procedure more properly known as “platelet rich plasma” [PRP] or “platelet-rich-fibrin-matrix” [PRFM] that has been used in general surgery, facial plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery for decades to shorten wound healing time.  When placed in a centrifuge tube and spun down to its basic components, blood separates into three layers- red blood cells at the bottom, white blood cells in the middle, and platelet cells suspended in the protein rich plasma floats on top.  We are mainly interested in the platelets and plasma.  Now, we could just inject the  plasma back into the face, there are growth factors and other signaling molecules in the plasma that activate the stem cells in the skin to divide making new skin and the fibroblast cells in the skin activate to make more collagen.  Doctors have been injecting just the plasma portion of the blood back into the face to breath new life into tired skin for decades.  It doesn’t hurt, and PRP plasma therapy works really well to give you back your baby smooth skin, but that is not all.  When the platelet cells are activated by adding a pinch of salt into the test tube they change the plasma from a liquid into a smooth flowing filler, much the same way that JelloTM gelatin  changes from a liquid into a jiggly-solid when refrigerated overnight.  What we really want are the platelet cells, but they were virtually impossible to extract from the white blood cell layer without harming them until a company called UBS Aesthetics came along and invented the Selphyll system.  Selphyll succeeded in patenting a way to separate the platelet cells from the blood without harming the platelets ability to function.  One small step for platelet kind, one giant step in developing filler for our face that is completely natural and customized, because it comes from your own blood, an endless untapped fountain of youth!!

What makes the platelets so special?  Platelets are the most important cells in the wound healing process because they give the signal to all of the other cells to make new skin!  When  platelet cells are activated they release a multitude of growth factors including vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-alpha), transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b) and platelet activating factor (PAF) to name a few!  These growth factors are signaling molecules that burst free from the platelets much like candy from a piñata and go forth to tell stem cells in the skin to divide and to make more fresh young skin and they also stimulate fibroblast cells already present in the skin to wake up and to make more collagen resulting in thicker, plumper, baby-smooth skin!!!

PLUS—No Lumps!  No Bumps!  It doesn’t sting when injected like the other fillers because it comes from your own blood so the pH is the same as your skin.  The first thing that I did with my blood specimen was to fill in the depressions beneath my lower lids.  Eyelids are my specialty, and I do eyelids all day long using a hyaluronic acid product, but eyelids are tricky because you can see the product looking squiggly beneath the skin surface for a day or two until the correct water balance is achieved.  There also tends to be less bruising with the blood fillers when compared to the hyaluronic acid products (Restylane/Juvederm) because they have a heparin-like quality that thins the blood and results in bruising.  Not so with your own perfect, biologically stimulating blood!

Blood fillers are used a little differently than the other fillers in that the treated area is actually over-filled to about 125%, and then the remaining plasma is resorbed by the body over the next two days.  After the plasma is resorbed, it may appear as if nothing has been done, but, four weeks later, BINGO, the collagen arrives!  The usual treatment protocol is to treat once, wait eight weeks, and then treat again if needed.  The results of the Vamp-Lift™ PRP blood fillers last up to one year!!

In case you can’t tell, this Vamp-Lift™ with the PRP and blood-fillers is my new favorite thing.  Lastly, I have to share this funny story.  I was telling one of my friends about the Vamp-Lift™ and taking off my make-up to show her the results.  She touched my skin and was duly impressed.  Then she sighed, looked off into the distance and said, “Great, now I’m a cougar getting a Nosferatu lift!”  Only in New York! I can’t wait to tell her about the human placenta lifts from Japan!

Stay Beautiful,

Dr. Lisa


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