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喂养你的脸,而忽略你的身体的日子已经一去不复返了!我说的是在“高精尖”花费数百美元一个月的承诺,以减轻,提亮,鼓起了细纹马上你的脸与“植物月份的”化妆水和药水具有保质期比在时装周波动底边短。 “是绿色的咖啡豆中提取的抗氧化剂新的维生素

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September 13, 2013 - Dr. Zdinak is recognized as a "Top Ophthalmic Surgeon" by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP) and will be inducted into the society as a "Leading Physician of The World."

May 24, 2013
- Dr. Zdinak interviewed by Harper's Bazaar about carboxytherapy. Stay tuned, full article to follow!

May 6, 2013
- Dr. Zdinak's Precision Aesthetics voted Best of Manhattan 2013 in the Facial Skin Care & Treatments category. 2 years in a row! Thanks everybody!

May 4, 2013
- Dr. Zdinak elected to Marquis Who'sWho in America 2014 edition. 3rd year in a row!

June 2013 -
Dr. Zdinak attends the upcoming "Cosmetic Bootcamp" academic meeting exclusive to "core" aesthetic physicians dedicated to the advancement of excellence in aesthetic techniques.

May 2013 - Dr. Zdinak is featured in a special beauty edition of "W Magazine" May 2013 Issue subtitled "Modern Beauty." The article written by Joann Chen is called "Under Your Skin" and Dr. Zdinak is featured alongside many of her good friends and colleagues from around the world in this global discussion about advances in injectible aesthetics.
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April 14, 2013 -
Dr. Zdinak is interviewed by ABC News about carboxytherapy.

April 13, 2013 - Dr. Zdinak attends the 2013 academic meeting of "The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City. The ASAPS meeting is restricted to certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons and is the largest Aesthetic Surgical sub-specialty society meeting with over 2,000 attendees this year alone.

March 20, 2013 -
WPIX - ‘Vampire’ Facial Uses One’s Blood To Rejuvenate Skin. Dr. Lisa featured on television, New York WPIX Channel 11 demonstrating the latest popular treatment PRP Dermal Blood Fillers. It’s the hottest anti-aging treatment in Hollywood – claiming to take years off your face without going under the knife but you still have to give up a little bit of your blood. > Watch this video here

March 07, 2013 -
Dr. Zdinak is interviewed by producers of the Dr. Oz Show about "Revenge Plastic Surgery."

January 15, 201 - Dr. Zdinak is recognized for the third year in the row in Marquis Who'sWho in America 2014 68th edition.

January 08, 2013 - Dr. Zdinak is interviewed by Japanese Reality TV show about the "Vampire Facelift"

January 1, 2013 - Precision Aesthetics is awarded the prestigious "Black Diamond Award" for excellence in Thermage for the sixth year in a row! That makes Dr. Zdinak and her staff six time winners of this coveted honor and we want to thank Solta medical, our staff and our valued patients for making this procedure such a rewarding experience for us all. Way to go!

April 24, 2012 - Dr. Zdinak is appointed to the editorial advisory board of Surgical Aesthetics magazine, a peer-reviewed journal for experts in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery.

08/10/12 - Dr. Zdinak featured on CBS television's "The Couch" with Katie McGee.
Dr. Zdinak demonstrates "platelet rich plasma" therapy on live models and shows how our own blood holds the secret to breathing new life into tired skin.
> Watch this video here

08/01/12 - Precision Aesthetics Receives 2012 Best of Manhattan Award
Precision Aesthetics has been selected for the 2012 Best of Manhattan Awards in the Facial Skin Care & Treatments category by the Manhattan Award Program committee. Thank you to the many people that have supported our business and contributed to the success of our organization and helping us join such an elite group of small businesses.

07/25/12 - Dr. Zdinak interviewed by Social Life Magazine

03/29/12 -
Dr. Zdinak interviewed by Italian Vanity Fair Magazine

02/12/12 -
Dr. Zdinak voted "Top Surgeon" in Who's Who in America 2013 edition

01/06/12 - Dr. Zdinak is an invited guest lecturer at the 2012 Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Conference in Monte Carlo for the third session in a row!

12/19//11- Dr. Zdinak is acknowledged in the Marquis Who's Who in America for the second year in a row!

March 2, 2011 - NEW YORK TIMES
‘Vampire Face-Lifts’: Smooth at First Bite

In this anti-aging age, perhaps it’s unsurprising that vampires — ancient, but with forever-young skin — are a cultural obsession. Now a cosmetic treatment to fill in wrinkles or to plump up hollow cheeks is being marketed as a “vampire filler” or a “vampire face-lift.”
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January 2011 - Dr. Zdinak is featured in the January 2011 issue of The Australian Advanced Aesthetics, Firm But Fair - the skinny on how Exilis firms and tightens.

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October 09, 2010
Dr. Zdinak is nominated and included in the 2011 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America! Marquis Whos’ Who has been recognizing men and women from around the world whose achievements influence the people of today and preserves their biographical information for the public record and for posterity.

October 11, 2010
— Dr. Zdinak is featured in the September/October 2010 issue of The Aesthetic Guide, a peer-related journal that is devoted to keeping other physicians up-to-date about the newest aesthetic technologies and helps doctors to choose the proper devices for themselves and for their patients.
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September 12, 2010
Dr. Zdinak is featured in the September/October issue of MedEsthetics Magazine alongside industry leader Andrew P. Ordon, MD from the television show "The Doctors." MedEsthetics Magazine is a peer-related journal where doctors teach other physicians how to safely and effectively perform cosmetic procedures.
> Read the entire article here

June 2010
Dr. Zdinak is featured in the June 2010 issue of Health magazine "Take Off 10 Years! No magic tricks here, just easy tactics that really work."
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April 9, 2010 - Dr. Zdinak will be a faculty lecturer at the 2010 Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This will be her third year teaching at this prestigious meeting that attracts over 5,000 physicians from 127 countries annually.

February 1, 2010
Dr. Zdinak is featured in the February 2010 issue of Health magazine "Pro Secrets for Beautiful Skin."
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January 1, 2010 -
Precision Aesthetics is awarded the prestigious Thermage Black Diamond Award for the second year in a row, making Precision Aesthetics the only four time winning facility in New York City.

September 1, 2009 - Precision Aesthetics Exclusive!
Dr. Zdinak is selected by Thermage as the only NYC physician to debut the new Thermage CPT Advanced Facial Treatment Tip with Vibrating Handpiece.

July 20, 2009
Dr. Zdinak is a featured expert in "In Touch" cover story "Cellulite Hits Young Stars- Special Report, Doctors reveal why women in their 20s - and even teens are battling unsightly lumps and bumps."
> Read In Touch article and learn more about Cellulite

Thermage VogueJune 2009
Dr. Zdinak is a featured in the June 2009 issue of VOGUE Magazine. A New World Way beyond Lipo.
> Read complete article about Dr Lisa Zdinak in Vogue Magazine

January 15, 2009
Precision Aesthetics Exclusive!  Dr. Zdinak is selected by Thermage as the only NYC physician to debut the new Thermage Body Tip 16.0.
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December 30, 2009
Dr. Zdinak to speak at the 2009 World Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine March 19-21 Monte-Carlo, Monaco

American CarboxytherapyDecember 15, 2008
Dr. Zdinak launches the official website for American Carboxytherapy. 

drtranquility.comNovember 24, 2008
Dr. Zdinak is appointed the Aesthetics and Anti-aging editor for the lifestyle blog on Dr. Lydia Belton-Alabastro’s wellness website

Thermage in People MagazineNovember 2008
Dr. Zdinak is a featured expert in the November 2008 issue of People Magazine.

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Elle Magazine ConsultsOct. 2008
Elle Magazine consults cosmetic surgeon Dr Lisa Zdinak, one of the first New York City doctors to work with Thermage's ThermaTip CL.
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July 4, 2008

Paris -  Dr. Zdinak is appointed the English language editor for, the official global network of carboxytherapy physicians worldwide. 

July 1, 2008
NYC - Dr. Zdinak to be featured expert in 'Bridal Bootcamp' celebrity fitness trainer Cynthia Conde's upcoming book about post-pregnancy fitness."

In Touch Magazine ConsultsMay 26, 2008
In Touch Magazine consults cosmetic surgeon Dr Lisa Zdinak for her expert opinion on cellulite.
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Dr. Lisa on T.V.April 28, 2008
Dr. Zdinak is the featured expert on Fox 5 News where she discusses the controversies regarding recent scientific studies involving BOTOX® Cosmetic.
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April 10-12, 2008

Dr. Zdinak participated in the 2008 Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Paris, France.  This global symposium was attended by 5,000 physicians from around the world sharing the most recent international advances in Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology.

January 5, 2008
Dr. Zdinak is awarded the prestigious Thermage Pinnacle Award for the second year in a row.

December 14th 2007
Dr. Zdinak is featured in celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia's upcoming book "Redesigning 50."
 Dr. Zdinak discusses her latest techniques in surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenation for the face and body.

December 14th 2007
Dr. Zdinak's Precision Aesthetics has agreed to participate in the first multi-center investigation of the clinical benefits of carboxytherapy
. Dr.Zdinak will be sharing the results of her clinical research with prominent physicians in the Los Angeles area to establish treatment protocols for physicians worldwide.

December 14th 2007
Dr. Zdinak's Precision Aesthetics launches clinical trials for a new treatment protocol to combat cellulite. 

October 15th 2007
Thermage Deep Body Contouring Now Available!
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July 25th New York, (NY PR WEB) - Press Release
“Now You Can Look Younger Almost Twice As Fast” Leading the way in facial and body rejuvenation, Lisa A. Zdinak, MD, an oculoplastic surgeon and medical skin care specialist.
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October 5th New York. Dr. Zdinak is an invited guest lecturer at the 2nd Annual NYC Aging Face Conference chaired by Dr. Thomas Romo, III.

September 15th Los Angeles. Dr. Zdinak is the key note speaker for “Advanced Thermage Techniques” at the regional launch for the Thermage NXT device.

 Thermage New York
Dr .Lisa Featured Expert in Vogue
Dr. Zdinak discusses cellulite solutions as a featured expert in Vogue Magazine!

> Dr Lisa Zdinak in Vogue

Pinnale Award WinnerThermage 身体及面部

精密美学已经完成数百Thermage热过程,并已荣获四次Thermage热品尼高奖临床卓越和黑钻的状态。每一位技术人员的认证在眼睑,面部,颈部,腹部,手和身体的所有Thermage热过程。我们的员工是由流行的医师培训师博士Zdinak单独训练。精密美学有名的是为我们的雕刻使用博士Zdinak的专业技术,面部和眼部区域的能力。精密美学在纽约的第一家工厂使用最新的16.0身体的技巧和在纽约的第一家工厂升级到最新的Thermage CPT系统和新的面部护理技巧,提供了更好的效果和更舒适的治疗经验的患者。

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博士Zdinak是高兴地介绍CO2Touch™巴西carboxytherapy她的曼哈顿的客户。 CO2Touch™代表了carboxytherapy技术的最新进展。为了应对博士Zdinak的专业要求,CO2Touch™提供温和加热的气体,是可调的,以增加患者的安全性和舒适性的连续流。随着CO2Touch™巴西carboxytherapy,博士Zdinak现在提供治疗妊娠纹产生更快,更戏剧性的结果的最新技术。

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