Which treatments will show results, like, now :)

How fast can I look better in my bathing suit ? Non Surgically ? Immediate ? Loose skin ? 1 Thermage, up to a few inches right away ( plus smoother and tighter long term.

2 Fat reduction ? Exilis 10 days after ea treatment. (1 a week 4 to 6 treatments) So yes this summer

3 Cellulite ? Acoustic Wave ( the european gold standard)

4 Stretchmarks ? Carboxytherapy might be all gone by labor day. ( 6 treatments 1 x a week) How great would that be ?

Contact us for a free consult. Let us show you on your body exactly what have done for others. You have nothing to lose but your fat loose skin, cellulite or stretchmarks http://www.precisionaestheticsmd.com/contact.html

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PS dont be fooled by all the ads for coolsculpting. ea treatment needs 2 MONTHS for the dead cells to absorb most people need 2 to three treatments. So thats December or February to see just how much loose skin you will have, (if it worked many phone calls I have answered were because they had no results) then you will need to see us anyway to get rid of the loose skin, totally butt backwards way of doing things.  If it made sense and was completely safe we would offer it.