What can I do in less than an hour to look great for the holidays ?

I know you are busy,, but we have 2 great solutions for your face. The simplest and quickest, barely 20 minutes, is Silkpeel vitamin dermal infusion. Or what we like to call our “Black Tie Facial” As the name implies. Its a facial that infuses vitamins and leaves you glowing. The reason we call it the black tie facial, is because it is so clean you could come in a dress and go straight to an event looking radiant.

The one people are most familiar with is microdermabrasion which is not only messy but leaves you with red blotchy skin.. The silkpeel couldn’t be more different. Silkpeel uses diamond brushes vs microdermabrasion is like “sandblasting” you and silkpeel vacuums up the residue ( you can see the dirty water coming form your face where it is collected) And like i said you are then simultaneously infused with vitamins leaving you glowing. In fact a series of these would make quite a difference and there are different solutions, like ones for acne as well.

If you have an hour and a few dollars more, nothing beat a Thermage to tighten your skin and create more collagen to help you maintain a youthful appearance. Thermage has the longest safety record. Its been around since 2001. Millions of people have had Thermage treatments. Tightening your skin and producing more collagen is exactly the opposite of aging.

In either case if you have an hour, come for a free consult. Decide on the spot. No commitment No charge, but you just might walk out looking a little bit younger for the holidays.
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