Want a Great Body this Summer Its Almost too late Already

Did you know the greatest results from any radiofrequency or ultrasound treatment whether it’s Thermage or any other manufacturer actually occurs three months later.  This happens because the procedure actually creates results in two different ways. Initially or  immediately there is a contraction of collagen which holds back the fat.  We have seen a few inches in immediate results.  However starting at three months and continuing up till six months your body will grow more collagen because it has been stimulated.  This will smooth out the area and firm it up even more. In fact we will not treat the same area in less than six months.  That’s right we will turn down your money and we have done it many times. Because you can’t interrupt the second part of the process or you will have more loose skin.  There is one slightly highly technical exception to that. One of the machines we have, Exilis, we can turn down the heat so that we are only initiating the second part of the treatment, helping the body create collagen.  But the point is whether you want to reduce stretch marks via carboxytherapy, Cellulite via acoustic wave, tighten skin with Thermage or body shaping via Exilis. Although results may vary, the maximum result will take a few months and the time to start is now.  Call now for a free consult