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before tummyYou have to realize not that many people allow before and afters photos. It simply allows us to communicate because when it comes to all of these non invasive procedures people have no idea what can be accomplished non surgically and on the other hand we certainly don’t want to mislead people to think we can eliminate the amount of fat that can be eliminated by liposuction in one session, when it comes to the belly or approximate a face lift for the face, although there are some pretty dramatic results. Although results may vary the photos gives us all a starting point to see what can be accomplished non surgically.
Because so few people allow before and afters, the doctors share those photos with the manufacturers who then make them available to all the doctors.

Companies like Thermage and Exilis then share it with us, again to give you an idea. When I choose which one of the hundreds of pictures to put on our website, I know that some people are looking on their phones at a 1/2 inch image, so even though it might be a picture that I have seen on another doctors website, I would still choose the one that shows a great result.

We all need to know what are the best results that can be achieved non surgically. And for me to put up a subtle picture no one is even going to see the difference.Tummy after thermage

You can call any time if you have questions I answer phones on nights and weekends and durring the day if you press option 2 but your best option is a consult. This way they can look at your body and tell you from the thousand other people that they have treated what you can reasonably expect.

I am sure that with the 10 a week that we have been doing for 8 years we have treated at least a few thousand and seen every body shape and style and can give an educated guess as to what to expect and what we would charge and even which machine we would choose.

We do have Thermage, Exilis and Acoustic Wave.

  • Briefly Thermage is best for loose skin
  • Exilis more for “flab” FDA approved for non surgical fat reduction and
  • Acoustic wave for cellulite.

And we often do combination treatments.

Additionally,  Carboxytherapy is terrific for stretch marks.

We are 100% non surgical and 100% invested in finding the best solutions available anywhere in the world. We even go to the biggest cosmetic medical show in Europe to insure that indeed we still have the most effective equipment.

And Dr Lisa has lectured to Doctors in Europe on the latest Thermage equipment since we were the first in New York to get every major upgrade for Thermage since 2007. Its actually quite fun and interesting, but sadly also confusing with the proliferation of machines and the fact that every doctor no matter what his specialty was is now offering something cosmetic.

I am sure its not too difficult to understand that a foot doctor or an emergency room physician or a general practice doc with one machine who has recently decided to go “cosmetic” to enhance his income, is not the same as a practice that is 100% invested in cosmetic solutions and constantly researching every new option.

PS thats one clue if someone only has one machine it simply is not going to take care of every condition. Even within certain categories like radio frequency each machine goes to a different depth and might affect superficial wrinkles fat or cellulite. And then there are the surgeons who really want to sell the $20,000 face lift, but they will get the popular machine and never learn how to get the most out of it and continue to sell surgeries.

Dr Lisa although a surgeon is so committed to non surgical options that she has turned her back on surgery.
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