Non Surgical Cosmetic Augmentation The Right Questions to Ask No Matter Who You Call

ny skin tighten with exilis and thermage

inside secrets by John

I have been answering new patient inquiries for over a year now utilizing my 10 years of experience and research in the non-surgical cosmetic industry.

I often travel to Europe to make sure that I see the newest technologies, even those not yet available in the United States. Its so gratifying when someone tells me that I am the first person that took the time to answer all of their questions. I find the industry fascinating yet daunting for even myself and the doctor who spends full time researching and testing almost every new technology.

ny skin tighten with exilis and thermageThe Good, The Bad and the Ugly; Its good because there are technologies that have amazing almost unbelievable results completely non surgical with no down time. Its bad because the manufacturers seeing the potential millions in revenue often rush products to market without a full understanding of what they can accomplish or the downsides of their devices.

Worse yet they spend too much money over promising and marketing directly to consumers and hardly any money training doctors and technicians to even perform the procedures safely let alone to get the great results they are promising the consumer. And its downright ugly when you see the results of a poorly performed procedure or of a machine that was misused or one that caused nerve damage resulting in a distorted face.

Yet I do enjoy connecting with people and spending even an hour on the phone with those that are the most passionate about learning everything they possibly can before they commit to a treatment plan for themselves and often their friends as well.

Its not uncommon for someone to call me back and tell me that I had spent an hour telling them about every machine, those that we have and those that we don’t and how they work and they are now returning with 3 of their friends for a consult and how appreciative they were for my honesty and candor. I never thought I would enjoy this as much as I do.

But I shouldn’t really be surprised because I do enjoy people and talking to them and helping them so I guess its simply a natural fit for me. I still get angry though when I see the nonsense that doctors write on some of the websites that get the most traffic. Its so transparent and obvious.

The surgeons who want to sell $25,000 face lifts make blatantly false statements about non-surgical technologies that have been proven in over a decade with over a million treatments, while never mentioning the real risks of surgery let alone the hideous post op recovery if everything goes well.  Just check out Gene Simmons reality show, where they showed themselves after a surgical face lift.  It looked like someone hit their face with a truck.

And sadly there are doctors that cut corners with bootleg unsafe supplies and machines risking patients faces. And in speaking to patients I also hear stories that clearly indicate that the operator who had performed their last procedure didn’t know anything beyond how to operate the machine and clearly had no idea what the best parameters setting and protocols are to get the best results. So its not only good, bad and ugly, its also sad.

Sad that there are not enough honest people in the world. But its fun when you get to do your part and have so many grateful people. So here are my suggestions and some clues to finding the best provider and treatment


  1. Google the procedure or “device you are interested in and FDA adverse events”, by law every incident must be reported.
  2. Go to the manufacturers website and see who has been doing it for more than 7 years. Sure its sexy to have the newest device but you don’t want to be the guinea pig for a device that gets taken off the market after 3 years and too many adverse events. Also the manufactures website will tell y0u who has the most experience by indicating consumables purchased (code for number of procedures and experience) You don’t have to believe who you speak to.
  3. When you call an office someone should be comfortable answering ALL of your questions no matter how long it takes and they should also be comfortable talking about every device out there and the pros and cons of each device including the ones they dont have and why they chose to not offer them. If they are not constantly studying the latest devices they can’t be confident they are offering the best treatment
  4. Free consult
  5. They have more than one device. Right now manufactures are trying to place a device in every doctors office no matter what their specialty and claim their device is great for everything, simply not true. Someone dedicated to non surgical treatments will have at least 3 or 4 devices each machine that is the best for each condition.Yes and RF device will have some effect on loose skin, cellulite and fat. But there is a machine that will get the best results for cellulite that is actually approval in europe for cellulite, a best treatment/procedure for stretch marks, another one that is FDA approved for non surgical fat reduction and a few others that are approved for loose skin and wrinkles. Its really common sense, fat, cellulite and wrinkles lie at different depths and each machine or technology, i.e. RF ( mono polar and bi polar) and acoustic wave are calibrated to reach different depths and therefore will be the best choice for different conditions. A real non surgical office will even offer combination treatments
  6. One last thing about the newest device. When the FDA approves a device it just means they saw a study that showed there was some statistical difference between untreated and treated group.We have no clue as to the best protocols or even the safety until it is used by thousands of people in the market place and the feedback is then shared with the manufacturer. I know as an early or first adopter we have beta tested many devices and upgrades of devices and advised the manufacturer of best protocols temperature number of pulses for each area for them to share with the other doctors. We also have allowed one $100,000 device to collect dust rather than offer a treatment that doesn’t deliver results as good as a few of our other devices which offer superior results.

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