Lose Your Cellulite and Stretchmarks in time for Summer

Believe it or not its getting late. We have some of the world’s greatest technologies for loose skin, cellulite, strechmarks and non surgical fat reduction but they all take a number of weeks to reach maximum results. Acoustic Wave the gold standard in Europe for cellulite takes 10 session, if you did one a week, you could be done by June. Carboxytherapy for stretchmarks requires 6 to 12 sessions a week apart. that could be 3 months, again, April, May June Exilis, non surgical fat reduction once a week for around 6 weeks and finally Thermage to tighten loose skin, you get some results right off the table but as the collagen grows you get smoother tighter skin up to 6 months later so thats already mid summer. Get started right away with a free consult today. Call us anytime. We even answer the phones nights and weekends to make appointments. PS unless you live under a rock you have probably seen the 90 million dollar advertising campaign by coolsculpting. If all goes well you will have more loose skin and need a radio frequency treatment like Thermage or Exilis after your coolsculpting. We think thats a little stupid, why not melt your fat in the first place and have smoother tighter skin as a side effect vs paying for a treatment that creates a problem that forces you to pay for another treatment. Let alone all the people that are complaining about residual pain. Are they affecting the nerves ? Why would someone still be in excruciating pain months later ? Stick with radio frequency treatments like Thermage and Exilis they have been proven to be the safest for over 15 years.