How Much is a session of Thermage ?

Thermage Man Chin and NeckQuestion : “How much is a session of Thermage for the face ?”

Answer from an actual phone call
Thats our sweet spot

You really need to know a little more about this than the price

For example we have Exilis, another radio frequency device that works in the same manner as Thermage but Exilis requires 4 sessions vs one session with Thermage but Exilis is 1/2 the price of Thermage, (which is just one session) and you are asking per session. Thermage is only one session

If you found us on the Thermage corporate website than you already know that we are the, number one, most experienced provider in New York, and the only black diamond and pinnacle provider in NY for over 8 years

That means we have the most experience. Just read the reviews on real self, many are not happy with the results.
In fact only 37% are happy with their results and there are 97 providers in NY so do the math.  Experience is everything when it comes to your face.  You have to know from experience.  Every face is different. Just look at your friends, some have fat cheeks, some need filler for their cheeks, some have excessive fat under their chin, some have jowls.

We are the most expensive and the most experienced, we spent more than $150,000 just on the Thermage tips for the treatments
the tips cost as much as $500 each for the treatment unless someone is buying the bootleg ones from China which might be $50 or less I dont know we would never take that risk. These are consumables, used once and then thrown in the trash.  So I understand the incentive other Doctors have to buy bootleg tips from China. We get emails every day offering them for as little as $25 vs $500 to $900 for a genuine tip from Thermage
We are not going to risk burning someone or giving them a subpar treatment because the membrane on the bootleg tip is too thin or too thick
So your starting point should be someone who is black diamond or pinnacle award.  That shows  they are buying at least 30 tips a month from Thermage.  This proves they have experience and they are not risking your face with bootleg consumables  which is despicable. Furthermore you want a provider who has been doing treatments for at least 5 years, preferably 7 or 8 years.  Someome one who does 5 or 10 a week has experience with every age sex degree of laxity and looseness and knows exactly how many pulses to place in each area from experience.

On day one of training from Thermage 10 years ago they draw a grid on the face to give someone an idea of a starting point and  they say deliver 200 pulses along the jaw, mid cheek, and lower jaw.  After doing thousands of treatments you will have the confidence to give people individualized or custom treatments, lets face it everyone has more or less fat and loose skin in different areas of their face

Some people have fat cheeks and some people need cheek implants so obviously if someone hasnt progressed past day one of training they no clue what they are doing and you should run out the door if they draw a grid on your face. then there are others like us who use the machine like an artist and treat each face individually from our vast experience and sometimes do combination treatments or follow up with one or two Exilis treatments for problem areas.  Recently I was looking at  the number one advertiser for New York, describing the treatment as drawing a grid on the face.  I was shocked.  That truly is what you would learn day one, if you have no clue how to do a treatment.

So thats the long answer.

If you just want the cheapest price just go to the thermage website and call everyone, I am sure there is someone using bootleg tips and minimum wage help that can give you a super cheap price. However if you do land up losing volume in your cheeks or get a third degree burn or worse you would have been better off staying home no matter what the price was.

We only are interested in giving the best treatment and often include vitamin c creams and vitamins specifically designed and scientifically proven to help the skin form more collagen, which is the heart of the treatment which actually occurs starting at the 3 month mark and continuing up to the 6 month mark

So honestly if you are truly interested you should at the very least take advantage of us for a free consult and if you think you can get better value someplace else great !

We will tell you honestly what you can expect from your treatment and we know a lot more than anyone else in New York since we are still the one in New York that does the most Thermage treatments.
I was speaking to the Thermage representative a few  weeks ago,  there is no other pinnacle or black diamond provider that is solely providing Thermage.  ( since the parent company also owns Fraxel and Liposonix, they count all the consumables towards black diamond or pinnacle status, and still very few even qualify with those rules, which could mislead you to thinking there are other THERMAGE black diamond providers. But as a facility that only provides Thermage we are the only black diamond and pinnacle provider

Feel free to call if you would like an appointment for a free consult
or to ask any questions.   I am option 2 available 7 days a week up til 8pm.  The ladies in the office are option 1 and 10 to 5 monday to friday, if you would prefer to speak to a woman. In the office we have one one fluent in Russian and one fluent in Portugese and Spanish


PS I am 62 was starting to get a slight jowl when I was around 50. I did my first thermage at that time. I did another one around 5 years ago when we were the first provider in NY to get the new CPT tip for the face and I havent done a treatment since then
Today at 62 i still have a pretty straight jaw line and undoubtedly look better than i did at 50, so you have the right idea for sure.

The other thing is when you say slight, maybe Exilis might work out better for you, another reason for an in person consult

I took the liberty to cc the staff in case you speak to anyone else

you can call me or speak to anyone in the office at your leisure

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