Have you tried the “Hollywood Combo? The Combination Treatment of Thermage and Exilis?

hollywood skin tightening

This is the best way to tighten skin and remove fat non surgically and we have been doing it for 8 years. If you dont like to read call us for a free consult 212 799 1411. Our Aesthetic rep told us that Hollywood just discovered how great the results are. Thermage and Exilis to enhance the skin tightening and fat reduction result.

Actually, we introduced the first Exilis to NY long before there was even a single machine in California.  The first thing Dr Lisa and Danielle did was develop protocols combining the 2 procedures for maximum results.

For your information in Hollywood they charge more for the combination treatment because they think it’s so unique they can charge whatever they want.  We appreciate our patients and often discount the combination treatment. Call for a free consult 212 799 1411

Our protocol also includes proprietary collagen building supplements (developed by Dr Lisa) like Collagenesis and Perfect C to enhance the protocol even further.  But don’t tell Hollywood because they will likely double the price again.  Maybe that’s why so many LA patients choose to do their body shaping when they are here in NY along with our many international patients   Well for those of you that are here, you are in luck.

Call us asap to schedule a consult to see what we can do get you in your best beach body before the summer is gone.  Obliterate your cellulite with acoustic wave in just a few weeks, eliminate stretch marks, non-surgically, remove fat (by melting not freezing) and tighten your skin.  Explore the best combination protocols personalized to get what your body needs.  Be sure to call at least a week or two in advance to try to find a time the matches your availability.

Stay beautiful!