Got 2 minutes ? We got you covered for Christmas

The Black Card is a beautiful elegant way to give the gift of beauty in any denomination from $50 to $100,0000 with no expiration date no restrictions no gimmicks whatsoever. Give us a call we will do everything for you in a moment over the phone and send it to your recipient.  Look and feel of a normal credit card.  Safer than cash, check or credit card. If its ever lost or stolen or even misplaced simply give us a call.  We have you covered discretely and safely and without any hassle. No complicated logging in and setting up accounts.  We track the original amount and expenditures for you.  There is no easier way to spread the love and the beauty of the season. Make sure you give us a few days to get it to your destination if you want it to arrive before Christmas but only a few minutes on the phone will get the most beautiful gift on its way. Ho Ho Ho say goodbye to wrinklesblack-card