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Because we specialize in non surgical solutions and have been doing so for almost 10 years now we obviously offer what we believe to be the best treatment for each condition.

Question:  I hear Carboxytherapy is used to treat fat deposits and cellulite?

We have the Thermage CL or cellulite tip, which used to be the standard treatment for cellulite and used to be $5000 for one session, we also have Carboxytherapy which does help with fatty deposits so you are right.

However 6 years ago Exilis was FDA approved for non surgical fat reduction and acoustic wave was approved in Europe for cellulite.

Both of those are better solutions for those problems. We could charge $5000 for one Thermage cellulite treatment but we have WAY too much integrity for that so we offer 10 acoustic wave treatments for $1500 obviously 10 times more work for us for a lot less money, but patient satisfaction is through the roof with this treatment

Thermage MachineWe have different machines that overlap in what they do and we will offer you the most cost effective and best solution for each problem, which could be one or more machines. If its mostly flab with just a slight amount of cellulite we might offer you Exilis if its mostly cellulite it could be acoustic wave.
If you really want the best answer with someone looking at your body and telling you from real experience what they have seen more than 1000 times in the past come for a consult. They have seen every body type and every degree of loose skin, flab, fat, cellulite and combinations of each so they have a pretty good idea what to expect.
It costs you nothing and gets you a real answer and a more accurate prediction of what to expect. We will not over promise and we have no problem telling people what we can’t do. There is obviously a limit to what can be accomplished non surgically.  Although if you ask me surgery presents its own set of problems and often people come to us with left over loose skin after liposuction or bumps or unevenness which they then want us to fix.  Even though we can’t  reduce  as much fat as surgery can, in one session, at least everything we offer comes out smooth and even, there is no down time, no scars, and you can keep treating the same area for greater results .  Call us anytime to make an appointment for a consult up til 8pm.
Again back to your question, if it was just fat we would probably offer Exilis and if it was just cellulite we would probably offer Acoustic wave.  Although Carboxytherapy does help with both we primarily use Carboxytherapy for stretchmarks because it is the best solution we have discovered for stretchmarks and since we have so many options we will choose the best one for each condition.
If someone only had Carboxytherapy I wouldnt be surprised if they told you its the best solution for that, since both the Acoustic Wave machine and the Exilis are both $100,000 plus machines so I  wouldn’t expect too many practices to be so heavily invested in this many non-surgical options.
It is not uncommon today for any and every doctor to get one machine and claim to be an expert in cosmetic treatments and in addition claim that their one machine is the cure for everything.
We have been doing Carboxytherapy for more than 10 years. Dr Lisa wrote the original English language research on Carboxytherapy and we were the only ones offering it for the past 10 years.  Nobody in the US knows more than Dr Lisa about Carboxytherapy and many doctors call every week asking her to train them, so she knows what it can do and its limitations.  We are constantly researching and testing new machined offered here and in Europe and when we find a machine that can provide a more effective non surgical solution for any condition its quite exciting for us to be able to offer better solutions.

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