Coolsculpting vs Thermage vs Exilis

Coolsculpting:  Freezes fat only. 2 or 3 treatments at 2 month intervals. Results 4 to 6 months.  Only kills fat cells.  After 2 months you see how much and where you need more treatment and if you are lumpy.  Thermage Radiofrequency 1 Treatment body or face.  Smooth and tightens loose skin. Results immediate plus continued skin  tightening results for up to six months.  The Doctors TV Show showed 5 inches right off table Exilis  Radiofrequency 6 treatments for the body and 4 treatments for the face.  FDA approved non surgical Fat reduction and smooths and tightens skin.  Results 10 days and 6 weeks.  Results 10 days after each treatment.  Total treatment time 6 weeks  Every “body” is different so results will vary.

COOLSCULPTING individual treatment results will vary

zeltiq b & ACOOLSCULPTING BEFORE AND AFTER ABOVE    This is the one in a million best result since they claim 3 million treatments but only have 1/2 dozen before and afters on their website and this is their first best picture. Its 2 months later and they also note the person lost 6 pounds.  When I lose weight my belly gets smaller.  Unknown if they got more loose skin and lumpy months later.  Dont forget when you only freeze and kill fat cells naturally and logically you will get more loose skin thats why many doctors that offer coolsculpting combine it with Thermage even on the same day.

BELOW THERMAGE TREATMENTThermage Tummy TighteningTHERMAGE BEFORE AND AFTER  ABOVE  all treatment results will vary

Many patients  come to us to fix lumps and bumps from Coolsculpting and other treatments.  Thermage melts fat, tightens loose saggy skin improves cellulite and texture.  Coolsculpting doesnt claim to help the collagen layer it only freezes the superficial layer of fat.  Its like taking fat out of a sausage and being left with loose skin.  Loose and lumpy or smoother and tighter ? Enough said ? Call us 212 799 1411 9am to 8pm 7 days a week for a free consult.

Exilis Tummy Before and After ladyEXILIS BEFORE AND AFTER individual results will vary

Exilis is FDA approved for nonsurgical fat loss and there is no limit to the number of procedures you can do.  With each procedure you are not only “melting” fat but tightening skin smoothing texture, improving appearance of cellulite and building collagen which creates the smooth appearance and holds back the fat.  Dr Zdinak has a great video that explains how and why cellulite occurs.  If you watch that you will really wonder why anyone would even dream of just killing fat cells without addressing the collagen layer which is the all important layer for appearance.

We are happy to answer all of your questions about any procedure that we have and those that we researched  and explain why we chose to not have them.  We study and research every new treatment in the market place and test many of them as well.  We are committed to the most effective non surgical outcomes. If its effective safe and gets better results than what we are currently offering we would offer it.  Consider the fact that we offer Thermage for skin tightening, Exilis for non surgical fat reduction. Acoustic Wave for Cellulite and Carboxytherapy for Stretchmarks  212 799 1411


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We were actually offered the right to be first in New York for many treatments that we correctly passed on.  We proudly accepted the right to be the first in New York with the Thermage NXT in 2007, the first in New York with Thermage 16.0 for the body.  First in New York with the Thermage CPT tip for the face.  Dr Lisa even lectured about the Thermage CPT in Europe at the AMWC Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress.  AMWC is the world’s largest conference for Global Aging Management and Aesthetic Medicine attended by over 5000 physicians from all over the world ( only a handful from the United States)  We discovered Exilis in Europe at AMWC and brought the first one to New York.  It is the most popular treatment in Europe.  Many of the treatments that offered us to be the first in New York that we decided were not the best have fallen out of favor and or are not even offered any more.  Coolsculpting is a huge public company and is probably not going away any time soon as long as they keep advertising 50 million a year  unless the adverse events, see next post, they describe on their website actually have happened.  Thermage has the longest safety record, its been on the market for around 15 years  Coolsculpting around 5 years originally introduced in 2011 couple of rounds of financing and improvements. So only really doing a lot of treatments since their last upgrade in 2013.  Its not even close to being the best treatment for non surgical body shaping however their marketing is brilliant and overwhelming the market this year.  There are 2 other reasons that they might fall out of favor.  Many understand simply by reading that Coolsculpting does nothing for skin texture laxity saggy skin and cellulite and choose to keep looking for a better alternative. ( they may not realize it could make it worse) The second reason is Coolsculpting might be a victim of its own success.  Many I have spoken to knows someone who came out lumpy, so we might actually get to the point where everyone knows the facts that it does nothing for the all important collagen layer, skin texture or loose saggy skin.  Kinda wish I had one, there are almost a million searches for it every month on Google alone But what would we do with it when the patients come in and we explain what each treatment does and doesnt do ? Actually if they even carefully read the  Coolsculpting website they would see that Coolsculpting doesnt claim that it does anything but freeze fat. No one will choose it. 🙂 Thats an expensive paperweight.  Plus I think with common sense patients will understand what it doesnt do and its immoral to try to cash in on something that you know is not the best treatment that you can offer someone and worse yet forces them into another treatment.



There is so much noise in the industry, I wouldnt believe anything I read.  If I was a patient I would search and read MedEsthetics or Aesthetic Magazine to read what the Doctors read and where they evaluate and discuss these treatments.  It is where I confirmed what I already understood about the differences between these procedures and why Doctor Zdinak wisely said years ago it was an inferior treatment. You will read Doctors explaining how they use Exilis, Thermage and Acoustic Wave to smooth out lumpy Coolsculpting results as part of their protocol. To make matters worse Coolsculpting just launched a 45 Million dollar advertising campaign.  You are going to see it everywhere.  So lets start by repeating what it is and what it isnt.  It is only for killing fat cells by freezing them.  It takes two to three months to see results  and decide how much more and where to treat next (we are not sure if they reabsorb elsewhere since most people report no weight loss) and the results are so certain to be lumpy that many doctors offer Thermage Exilis or Acoustic Wave at the same time.  Coolsculpting does absolutely nothing for cellulite, texture, skin tightening, collagen or loose skin nor does it claim to.  The fact is simply freezing fat would probably create more loose skin. On the other hand Thermage, according to the Television show the doctors, resulted in 5 inches right off the table,  as well as improve texture, loose saggy skin and cellulite.

Coolsculpting they evaluate and treat again in 2 or 3 months because thats how long it takes for the frozen cells to absorb and see how lumpy you are and how much and where you need more treatment.   Thermage besides the immediate tightening (because there is an immediate tightening of the collagen that holds back the fat) there is also melting or apoptosis (cell death) but the long term effect of Thermage is that as you grow more collagen you will have smoother and tighter  skin, improved texture and even an improvement in cellulite ( although we have a specific treatment for cellulite)  all the attributes of a more youthful appearance.  With Coolsculpting  imagine taking fat out of a sausage, you will be left with more loose skin.  By the way Exilis is FDA approved for non surgical fat reduction, and there is no limit to how much you can do.  Let me show you a few before and afters to demonstrate my point.  As with all before and afters everyone shows their best results and individual results will vary.  Please note google insists on that disclaimer.  If you dont see it you should report the doctor to Google using the google complaint form. Before and afters are not retouched but everyone endeavors to show their best results.  I hope you understand that before and afters are used to have a basis of comparison to understand what are the best results possible non surgically.  PS dont expect a surgeon to show his worst results   BELOW COOLSCULPTING    ( all treatment results will vary by individual)

cool sculpting



thighs 2 inchesEXILIS TREATMENT   ( all treatment results vary by individual naturally) Notice not only the amount of loss but the beautiful smooth texture.  Radio frequency treatments like Thermage and Exilis are for texture, and smoothing as well as fat reduction and loose skin.

Unfortunately the first Coolsculpting is a little out of focus, ( maybe on purpose) we get many people who have lumps and bumps from Coolsculpting and liposuction to treat and fix what those procedures created.  Do you even need to ask why we do not offer it ?  Both Thermage and Exilis are superior in every way from cost to actual treatment time in office, as well as the time to see results, quality and quantity of results and total cost to the patient.  If y0u are still sold on Coolsculpting, at least go to someone that will also price it perform it properly which includes Thermage and Exilis in the cost to smooth out the results.  Again just read MedEsthetics the Doctors who are actually trying to promote Coolsculpting admit that they use Exilis and Thermage as part of the treatment.  One doctor said since that since Coolsculpting can be 2 to 4 hours that he has them come in on a different day for their Thermage treatment, otherwise they would be there for 5 hours.   Exilis we do 6 treatments for the body, but you can continue as long as you want.  Lets have another look.  Actually in New York many choose Thermage, one treatment, one hour.  In fact since we are the only Thermage Black Diamond provider in New York (300 to 500 treatments a year) for almost 10 years  we get many International  and West Coast patients who fly in for the day since its a one time treatment and they want the best results.  Experience counts as to where to place the pulses and how many to use in each area


One final Exilis before and after if you think you need coolsculpting to remove a lot of fat.

Exilis Tummy 5:16EXILIS AFTER  4 TREATMENTS   all treatment results will vary

This is a huge difference in 4 weeks vs 8 weeks for Coolsculpting