Which Celebrities Admit to Thermage as their ” Go to” Fountain of Youth ?

We have the greatest patients in the world. But you will never know who. In fact our office is so discreet and private there isnt even a name on the door to protect the privacy of our patients. We also try to schedule patients so that with our four comfortable private suites you should never see anyone when you visit us. Perhaps a celebrity visiting our neighbor Oz Garcia. Many celebrities happily brag that they live by his healthy regimens. That being said there was a recent article in The Daily Mail, actually today that quoted a few that swear by Thermage. Trust me there are a lot more. Just look at the before and afters. The beauty of the treatment is that it is so subtle no one should ever know. Here is the article in The Daily Mail UK which claims many A-list celebrities, such as Oprah, 64, Gwyneth Paltrow, 45 and Demi Moore, 55, swear by Thermage. To reiterate, we do not treat any of these celebrities