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Torn Earlobe Repair

Torn Earlobe Repair Services

Pierced ears can lose their elasticity over time, making it difficult to wear earrings properly. Dr. Zdinak can repair the original piercing hole, and once healed, re-pierce the ear so that you can again wear earrings as intended. Dr. Zdinak uses the Ellman Surgitron 4.0 radiosurgical device to repair torn earlobes. The Ellman is the most advanced radiosurgical technology and the only radiosurgical device approved for operating room surgical procedures. When radiowaves are used instead of a scalpel or a laser, only the skin cells immediately next to the wire electrode are affected. Radiosurgery is more delicate and precise than laser surgery which can cause excessive tissue burns.  Scarring is minimized or eliminated with radiosurgery because the skin is vaporized instead of cut. The remaining healthy tissue is sutured with two to three tiny stitches that are removed once the skin is healed. The ear can then be repierced if desired. Dr. Zdinak has achieved exceptional results in patients of all skin types with this time-proven technique.