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Superficial Chemical Peels Services

The ancient Egyptians used acids derived from sugar cane and milk to exfoliate dull, lifeless cells from the skin’s surface.  Dr. Zdinak uses glycolic acid peels to correct uneven skin tone, to diminish pore size, and to treat and prevent acne breakouts.   Glycolic acid peels administered in a physician’s office are more concentrated and effective than those available at a spa or in over- the- counter preparations that are regulated at weaker concentrations by law.  Not to be confused with the deeper TCA [trichloracetic acid] peels that leave the skin red and flaky for weeks, Dr. Zdinak’s superficial depth peels do not redden the skin and allow for an immediate return to activity—earning them the moniker “the lunchtime peel.”

You are only ten minutes away from clean, lustrous skin that glows with the healthy sheen of youth.