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Scarless Mole Removal Services

Dr. Zdinak uses the Ellman Surgitron 4.0 radiosurgical device, the most advanced radiosurgical technology and the only radiosurgical device approved for operating room surgical procedures. When radiowaves are used instead of a scalpel or a laser, only the skin cells immediately next to the wire electrode are affected. Radiosurgery is more delicate and precise than laser surgery which can cause excessive tissue burns. Scarring is minimized or eliminated with radiosurgery because the skin is vaporized instead of cut.  Dr. Zdinak uses a radiosurgical loop to shave the mole down layer by layer to the level of the surrounding skin. No suture is required.

Your procedure can be performed at the time of your consultation visit. Dr. Zdinak has achieved superior results on a variety of skin tones using this advanced technology.

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