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Lumixyl Skin-Brightening Service

Lumixyl Skin-Brightening Service

What is Hydroquinone

Previously, the only bleaching agent available for dark spots was hydroquinone, either over-the-counter or prescription strength.  Not everybody could use hydroquinones, and in some persons this product turned their dark spots darker!  Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe, Japan, Australia, and South Africa because some clinicians believe that its use could potentially mutate normal skin cells into cancerous cells.

What is Lumixyl?

Discovered by researchers at Stanford University, Lumixyl is a non-toxic, non-irritating peptide of naturally occurring amino acids that targets discoloration and dark spots on the surface of the skin.  The treatment begins by jump starting the lightening process with a series of SilkPeel Diamond Microdermabrasion treatments using physician grade Lumixyl solution followed by at home maintenance with Lumixyl skin-brightening lotion at bedtime. Lumixyl works by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin in the skin.  Lumixyl is 40% more effective at lightening these dark spots than hydroquinone!  Lumixyl brings results with none of the risks of hydroquinone.  Study subjects comparing the prescription medication TriLuma ($300/tube- contains irritating Retin A, 4% Hydroquinone, and a skin-thinning steroid) versus Lumixyl ($120/tube, completely safe) showed patients with persistent melasma responded better with the Lumixyl cream.  Buy it, try it, love it!
Lumixyl Skin-Brightening Cream

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