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Intense Pulsed Light Phototherapy Services

Dark spots on the face, chest, and hands can form years after sun exposure is curtailed. Intense Pulsed Light Phototherapy uses light-waves to lighten the appearance of dark spots and broken capillaries that rob the skin of its youthful appearance. Commonly known as the “photofacial” this technology delivers a flash pulse of light to the skin surface. Dr. Zdinak uses the Alma AFT Intense Pulsed Light Module to restore a more even skintone by precisely targeting the darker pigment with a focused wavelength of light that travels directly to the melanin in the dark spots causing them to fade. First, a cold gel is applied to the areas to be treated. Protective goggles are worn to shield the eyes from the bright light while the treatment is underway. The skin surface is treated with a warm flash of light that causes the dark spots to darken for a day or two, and then fade to less than what they were initially. Four to six treatments spaced three weeks apart yield significant improvement with no downtime.