Lose Your Cellulite in just a few Weeks

The Acoustic Wave is the gold standard in Europe for cellulite  and can be done a few times a week.  If one was to take on an aggressive program like that you could knock off the 10 required treatments in just a few weeks.  Its your cellulite, love it or lose it.  Now there is a way.  Make no mistake this is not some silly soft massage like endermologie, which too many people tried with no results.  Certain acoustic wave[…]

Lose Your Cellulite and Stretchmarks in time for Summer

Believe it or not its getting late. We have some of the world’s greatest technologies for loose skin, cellulite, strechmarks and non surgical fat reduction but they all take a number of weeks to reach maximum results. Acoustic Wave the gold standard in Europe for cellulite takes 10 session, if you did one a week, you could be done by June. Carboxytherapy for stretchmarks requires 6 to 12 sessions a week apart. that could be 3 months, again, April, May[…]


Skin tightening and body shaping from < a href="http://www.precisionaestheticsmd.com/"> Precision Aesthetics MD 10 WEST 74TH STREET SUITE 1A, NY, NY 10023 USA Phone: 212 799 Exilis NY < a href="http://www.precisionaestheticsmd.com/"> Precision Aesthetics MD 10 WEST 74TH STREET SUITE 1A, NY, NY 10023 USA Phone: 212 799 Precision Aesthetics MD 10 WEST 74TH STREET SUITE 1A, NY, NY 10023 USA Phone: 212 799 Thermage NY < a href="http://www.precisionaestheticsmd.com/"> Precision Aesthetics MD 10 WEST 74TH STREET SUITE 1A, NY, NY 10023 USA[…]

Stretch mark Treatment

It seems like no one knows that there has been relief available for over a decade. Originally popularized in Brazil Carboxytherapy for Stretch marks was brought to the United States By Dr Lisa Zdinak. In fact I noticed on Quora no one had an answer for it, and many Doctors were misleading the public with suggestions like surgery or lasers which can not reach the depth of where the stretch mark lies but in addition could cause hyper pigmentation or[…]

Exclusive Summer Save Now offers Maximum Slimming results in July

Dr. Zdinak’s Thermage Happy New Years Gift to You! Extending one month thru February and to anyone who reads this If you want your best body for summer you need to do your Thermage NOW to shrink off that Holiday tummy gain! You all know that Thermage is the gift that keeps on giving so, if you Thermage today your peak results are five months away which is…June, baby!! (“Honeymoon, in June…”)?! To sweeten the pot a little, for those[…]

Got 2 minutes ? We got you covered for Christmas

The Black Card is a beautiful elegant way to give the gift of beauty in any denomination from $50 to $100,0000 with no expiration date no restrictions no gimmicks whatsoever. Give us a call we will do everything for you in a moment over the phone and send it to your recipient.  Look and feel of a normal credit card.  Safer than cash, check or credit card. If its ever lost or stolen or even misplaced simply give us a[…]

What can I do in less than an hour to look great for the holidays ?

I know you are busy,, but we have 2 great solutions for your face. The simplest and quickest, barely 20 minutes, is Silkpeel vitamin dermal infusion. Or what we like to call our “Black Tie Facial” As the name implies. Its a facial that infuses vitamins and leaves you glowing. The reason we call it the black tie facial, is because it is so clean you could come in a dress and go straight to an event looking radiant. The[…]


Beautify Your Aesthetics Aesthetics   The ancient Greeks knew it well. They called it aesthesis, which means “to breathe in.” They recognized that the moment of touch was accompanied by a gasp, a particular kind of inspiration. They considered it the moment when the soul essence inside us, and the soul essence from something outside us, met and mingled. It is the root of our word “aesthetic.” #PrecisionAestheticsMD #Aesthetics #Beauty A photo posted by Precision Aesthetics (@precisionaestheticsny) on Nov 30,[…]

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Thermage Exilis NY Skin tightening today can be sophisticated, simple, cheap and expensive. While there are creams and masks and lotions. There also more sophisticated treatments. There are plenty of choices like thermage, exilis and carboxytherapy. We feel that a radiowave approach or laser tightening is more superior than the surgical methods which can be botched.  

What is Aesthetic Medicine?

Aesthetic Medicine is a quickly growing field in mostly non-invasive cosmetic treatments to body contour. This subspecialty is no longer limited to the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology, as many specialties are offering aesthetic medical procedures in order to better accommodate their patients’ aesthetic needs. A growing trend among baby boomers is that aesthetic treatments are part of a normal health routine with the goal of maintaining a natural and healthy appearance. From  Aesthetic medicine is an inclusive term[…]

Which treatments will show results, like, now :)

How fast can I look better in my bathing suit ? Non Surgically ? Immediate ? Loose skin ? 1 Thermage, up to a few inches right away ( plus smoother and tighter long term. 2 Fat reduction ? Exilis 10 days after ea treatment. (1 a week 4 to 6 treatments) So yes this summer 3 Cellulite ? Acoustic Wave ( the european gold standard) 4 Stretchmarks ? Carboxytherapy might be all gone by labor day. ( 6 treatments[…]

Coolsculpting Side Effects from their website

At 1 to 2 weeks after treatment, there may be redness, bruising, and swelling; tenderness, cramping, and aching; itching, skin sensitivity, tingling, and numbness. In some cases, numbness may persist for several weeks after a treatment. Talk to your doctor if these side effects persist past 2 weeks or worsen over time.Rare side effects include: Paradoxical hyperplasia: Visibly enlarged tissue volume within the treatment area, which may develop 2 to 5 months after treatment. Surgical intervention may be required. Late-onset[…]

Coolsculpting vs Thermage vs Exilis

Coolsculpting:  Freezes fat only. 2 or 3 treatments at 2 month intervals. Results 4 to 6 months.  Only kills fat cells.  After 2 months you see how much and where you need more treatment and if you are lumpy.  Thermage Radiofrequency 1 Treatment body or face.  Smooth and tightens loose skin. Results immediate plus continued skin  tightening results for up to six months.  The Doctors TV Show showed 5 inches right off table Exilis  Radiofrequency 6 treatments for the body[…]